The Black Lives Matter Movement

What started out as an angry Facebook response, ended up in the UN. The idea behind the movement was sparked when court decided not to punish the officer who killed 17 year old Trenton Martin. As a respons to a news article on Facebook regarding the court acquittal, the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was used. This kept […]

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Northern Ireland and Brexit

To properly understand the current issue taking place in Northern Ireland, we need to look at the historical context. It all started when English and Scottish protestant settlers were sent to Ireland to oppress and outnumber the Catholics already living there. This strategy targeted the northern part of the country called “Ulster”. This turned out […]

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First report from the book

I have currently read the tree first chapters of the book “the hate u give”, and I can really feel it in my gut. Its a book that discusses controversial topics without covering up any brutal details. I was really struck by the way the author described the brutal murderer. As the main person and […]

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Gender Equality – Goal number 5

We have chosen the fifth global goal, and it is labeled gender equality. It is concerning women and their right to freedom and equal opportunities as men. We find this global goal interesting, because we are women from a very “gender equal country”. Even though we come from an equal country it is important to […]

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Inequalities in the US

This class, we watched an utterly interesting documentary about the unfairnesses in the US. We learned about how social mobility, polarization and taxes all are knitted together in an insane web. The film presented numbers that unveiled how the economy has peaked twice during the past 100 years. Those peaks made the graphs that were […]

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Gerrymandering and UK politics

Gerrymandering is  a political tool a politician can use to gain power by redrawing the maps. The politician can change what they consider an electoral district, and make sure they have majority in each and every electoral district, or constituency as it is called in Britain. In a system where they are practicing first-past-the-post, you […]

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Questions about recount

James Baker did not think they could win in the Florida supreme court, since the judges there were mainly democratic, but he thought the supreme court would be more unbiased The first amendment is about freedom of speech, and when James baker says that they are going to use their first amendment right he is […]

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